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What Is Ceramic Coating and Why Do I Need It?

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Ceramic coating is essentially a shiny coat of armor for your car. The chemical compound bonds to the surface of your vehicle to deliver long-lasting protection with a high-shine look. This type of coating allows your vehicle to stay looking like new for longer with minimal maintenance. There are several benefits of ceramic coating for your car that make it an essential service.

  1. Alternative to Wax and Polish

  2. Added Protection

  3. Seals the Paint and Boosts the Shine

  4. Ease of Cleaning

1. Low Upkeep Waxing Alternative

Waxing is a commonly-used car treatment to protect the car and make it look cleaner. However, It is a temporary treatment that doesn't last long. The resulting quality of protection and shine are relatively mediocre.

The traditional waxing service requires reapplication every couple of weeks to maintain its maximum protective ability.

Ceramic coating, on the other hand, can last for years. The chemical makeup of the coating creates a long-lasting semi-permanent protective barrier. Despite being more expensive than a waxing service upfront, it outlasts and outperforms waxing to the point of being cheaper than bi-monthly reapplication of wax for years.

With little upkeep, the ceramic coating provides all of its incredible benefits without the need to maintain or reapply constantly. More than just the best protection for those that don't want excessive upkeep, it's the best protection period.

2. Added Protection

Cars are subjected to the extreme effects of the environment constantly; even those that can stay in garages are vulnerable when driving and parked elsewhere. Even cars right off the lot are not protected against the natural aging and deterioration of the car's paint due to environmental effects.

Rain may seem harmless but can be one of the leading damaging effects on cars. The mass amounts of pollutants entering the atmosphere from cars, households, and businesses mix with precipitation in the sky and form acid rain. The Environmental Protection Agency describes it as "any form of precipitation with acidic components, such as sulfuric or nitric acid that fall to the ground from the atmosphere in wet or dry forms."

The acidity directly hitting your car's surface can lead to its deterioration. Aside from the typical acidity of rain, the wet surfaces it creates can promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can be harmful to your car's exterior.

Next to acidity from rain and bird droppings, the harms of ultraviolet (UV) rays can be a leading cause of paint deterioration.

The intense UV rays beaming down on your car from the sun for hours on end can lead to oxidation. When left untreated, this can cause your car's paint layer to decay, giving your car a dull and faded look.

Beyond how it can ravage the appearance of your car, the issue can extend to the body of your vehicle. According to J.D. Power, the industry leader in automotive market research: "Oxidation eventually leads to the deterioration of the clearcoat, which can permanently dissolve the paint and make the body of the vehicle susceptible to rust."

Ceramic coating protects the exterior of the car from harsh environmental factors that can cause corrosion, rust, and fading. Not only does it offer protection beyond traditional services, it continues protecting for years after application.

3. Seals The Paint and Boosts the Shine

The paint job is what gives a car life and makes it stand out. When the paint layer is damaged, eyes go right to the problem area first. Aside from being an eye-sore, paint damage can be an expensive fix.

Acidic contaminants can cause severe damage to your paint. With a ceramic coating, your vehicle will be more resistant to damage like harsh chemical stains and etching.

Because of ceramic coating's durability and resistance to extreme conditions, your paint will last for years. But the benefit of the protective layer goes far beyond just preventing damage.

Ceramic coating provides a long-lasting barrier with an extremely high shine. Waxing and polishing both can yield varying results in terms of shine. Still, neither can provide the quality or longevity as that of a ceramic coating.

Sealing your car’s paint with a protective layer like ceramic coating will ensure paint protection that lasts for years and looks phenomenal.

4. Ease of Cleaning

Part of what makes ceramic coating so resilient to damage also makes it extremely easy to clean and hard to get dirty.

Once applied, the coating makes your car's surface hydrophobic, meaning it repels liquid. Because of this, contaminants like dirt, acid rain, and bird droppings will come off with ease rather than sticking to the surface to cause issues later on.

Since your car will stay clean longer, your upkeep costs will go down even more. A traditional waxing service has some protective benefits and provides a short-lived shine but doesn't do much to keep your car clean. It can actually leave residue behind because it is an organic compound.

Ceramic coating is synthetic and designed to perform better than other methods of protection. It is the treatment that professional detailing services are falling in love with because one application can yield easy-to-clean, extremely protective, high-shine results that last for years.

A Ceramic Coating is What Your Car Needs.

As a protective and cosmetic treatment, ceramic coating outperforms and outlives all other traditional services. Waxing, while popular, offers short-term protection and a shine that fades quickly.

Ceramic coating can prevent the most common forms of surface damage like corrosion from acidity and oxidation from the extreme nature of UV rays.

To avoid hefty bills for paint restoration and bodywork, and to have the best-looking car on the road, a ceramic coating should be the next treatment you get for your car.

Book A Ceramic Coating With Cali Car Co Mobile

Hire a mobile detailing expert such as Cali Car Co Mobile to get your vehicle looking brand new with a ceramic coating. We can not only fix minor imperfections, but we can also protect and enhance the paint on your car. Give us a call, and we'll be able to help. Fill out a form or give us a call at (925) 549 - 4555, and we can have your car looking like new!

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