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Why Marine Detailing Services Are Essential For Boat Owners

Here in California we have several lakes and beaches by the ocean for our over 600,000 boat owners. In fact California ranks 4th in the nation for number of boat owners. If you are among the over half a million boat owners in the state, then you likely know a bit about how much maintenance and care the vehicle requires.

Boats, just like any car, can be vulnerable to the environment. Boats are actually more susceptible to damage than cars in many ways.

Not only is the proper cleaning and maintenance of your boat important for its appearance, but also for its protection in the long-term. Since boats spend much of their time in water, salt-water in many cases, they can face several water related damage and appearance issues.

Below we’ll break down the ways in which your boat can be impacted and harmed by the environment, and how a marine detailing service can not only revive the look of the boat, but also prevent future damage from occurring.

Person cleaning the underside of a boat

What Kind of Damage Do Boats Face?

Just like a car, boats are expected to face normal wear and tear. As you use your boat and have it for years to come, the paint will fade and dings and scratches will appear. The upholstery and carpeting will get hold on to odor and the metal and plastic surfaces will be faded and dirty from time in salt spray and harsh sunlight.

For boats that are typically in salt water for prolonged periods of time, antifouling paint is used to protect the surface from algae, barnacles, and microorganisms. While this paint is an important step in the protection and preservation of your boat, it is not a permanent defense.

Over time the boat's surface, both above and below the water, can deteriorate and fade as it faces the harsh UV rays from sun exposure and salt from the water. Both salt and UV rays can be destructive deteriorating forces.

On the interior water naturally is always present, due to surroundings and to wet people being onboard after a dip in the water. While boat seating is often made with materials to be durable and resistant to water exposure, it can still fade and crack from sun exposure. Carpeting however can be vulnerable to the excess amount of water it faces. Not only can excessive standing water cause mold to grow, but generally it can hold on to foul odors and lake or ocean water dry up and leave behind salt and grime.

What Can a Marine Detailing Service Do For Your Boat?

As mentioned above, boats are susceptible to all types of damage that not only makes your boat look unsightly, but it also can affect the value and safety of it.

Marine detailing services are similar to auto detailing services in several ways. The goal in both services is to revitalize the appearance of the vehicle to make it look beautiful again, reverse any superficial damage possible, and protect against preventable damage.

With the exterior paint it’s important to clean thoroughly to remove any and all dirt before proceeding. Following a cleaning of the surface, customers can work with professional marine detailers to determine what treatments their boat needs. Some may want polishing and waxing, others may need more extensive work.

On the interior carpets get thoroughly cleaned and washed to remove all debris, dirt, and stains that are possible to remove. Also this part of the detailing service is important for the scent of your boat as the carpent can hold on to many odors.

Also imperative for any boat treatment is the dressing of all plastic surfaces and seating with UV protectants. Cars are typically covered with a roof and therefore have a degree of UV protection. However, even with covered cars plastics and leathers need to be properly treated to protect them from UV rays that can lead to fading. In a boat it’s even more extreme. Boats are more exposed to harsh UV rays than many other vehicles. This is what can lead to cracking in the seating material as the mixture of water and sun exposure deteriorates it over time. Other Surfaces can fade in the sunlight and lose much of their visual appeal.

Person in a professionally detailed boat

Should You Get Your Boat Detailed?

The short answer is yes, for all the reasons mentioned above.

All boats have different issues and surfaces that require specialized attention and care. If you want to keep your car looking new year round, getting it professionally cleaned is the way to go.

And while it may seem counterintuitive on the surface, it can save you money in the long run to get a professional marine detailing service performed. The preventative measures taken to protect vulnerable surfaces can save you from having to pay for expensive repairs later.

If you have any questions about what a marine detailing service can do for your boat, it’s important to speak with your local detailing experts to learn more.

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