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How Can Paint Oxidation Be Prevented

With the weather, moisture, and daily exposure to the sun, the exterior of your car is constantly changing. Over time, you’ll notice that the paint will start to chip, rust begins to form and oxidation may occur if not taken care of properly.

1. Take Action Early

Oxidation is what happens when the chemicals in vehicle paint break down. Paint inevitably dries out and loses its oil content. One thing to keep in mind is that oxidation can’t be stopped, but the process can be slowed down with preventative measures from mobile detailing.

2. Protect Your Car From UV Exposure

Just like to your skin, the constant exposure to sunlight causes issues for your car. Ultraviolet rays are the culprit to oxidation. Powerful rays will make your car look old and worn before its time.

3. Know The Signs of Oxidation

The beginning stages of oxidation on your car will have a slightly dull look to the paint. As it progresses, the paint surface will fade and decay will start.

4. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Fix

When heavy oxidation occurs, the decay creates a dull, chalky surface on the exterior. At what is known as the “clear coat failure,” you will have to get your car completely repainted in order to patch the places that have been dissolved.

5. Get Regular Detailing Maintenance

Yes! Prevention is key to helping slow down the process of oxidation. Having a garage or shaded area to park the vehicle is one option. Another is getting regular waxing, polishing, or ceramic coating by a detailing mobile service.

Book A Ceramic Coating

CaliCarCo Mobile, can do more than just the interior cleaning of your car. As the experts in detailing mobile vehicles from the inside out, schedule a ceramic coating today!


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