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Why You Should Choose Mobile Detailing

We understand that there are people who care of their prized possessions, in this case being their cars. While there are some that would like to take care of detailing themselves, it is often best to hire an auto professional auto detailing service in order to best ensure their vehicle is taken care of. Companies such as Cali Car Co Mobile ensure that your car is properly being taken care of. We use the best equipment and chemicals possible that will keep your car damage and dirt free.

When you think of mobile detailing or car detailing you may be thinking of a simple car wash and vacuuming the interior. Here at Cali Car Co, we are knowledgable in a variety of cleaning techniques and how to keep the exterior of your car well protected. We not only vacuum your carpets and seats, but we also clean all glasses, tires, wash, and wax, polish, and other specs you may want to be added to the next mobile detailing service.

All in all, Cali Car Co goes out of their way to clean your vehicle for a great cost at your convenience especially during this time when most car owners may not want to spend too much time outside their homes.

Let us know how we can help and get in contact with us today! Give us a call at(925) 549-4555. You can also email us​.Get in contact with us today and get your vehicle looking brand new again! Located in the Bay Area and Sacramento, CA.

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