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What Should You Always Keep in Your Car?

Being prepared is key. Several issues can occur with your vehicle whether or not it is in use. We oftentimes don't think about our cars breaking down or worse case scenarios. Here are some certain items we deem to be important that will save you time when things go wrong.

Emergency Tools to Use

There are essential tools in your car you will need to keep in the trunk such as crowbars, tools to use when changing a tire, escape tools such as items to cut your seat belt or break the window glass.

Supplies to Wait

You never know how long you may need to wait for a tow, or any kind of help. Make sure you have water, a blanket, and a cell phone charger. You may even want to keep an extra pair of clothes.

Emergency Kit

Having a first aid kit is essential. Keep a trusted guide such as a Red Cross first aid kid ensuring there are plenty of bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and any other medications needed.

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