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What Makes Auto Detailing Superior to a Car Wash?

No matter how much we may want it to be, the simplest solution isn’t always the best. When it comes to cleaning your car, the typical washing fare doesn’t do the trick.

It may be convenient to sit in your car for two minutes while you pass through some mechanized cleaning machines, but the results are always mediocre. There are several reasons the drive-thru car washing can’t compare to a professional auto detail. Let's take a look at how the two stack up against each other.

Professional Auto-Detail:

  • Personalized cleaning

  • Industry-leading service

  • High-quality products

  • Labor-intensive

  • Deep clean of both interior and exterior

  • Longer-lasting clean

  • Higher cost

  • Longer cleaning (which is actually a good thing!)

Standard Car Washing:

  • Quick and easy

  • Standardized cleaning

  • Misses a lot of exterior grime

  • Neglects car interior

  • Low-quality results

Car after auto detailing service

An Unparalleled Clean

Everyday we drive our cars and little by little dirt and contaminants build up on the surface. Because the accumulation can happen gradually it can be hard to notice until your car looks filthy.

Popping through a car wash for a quick rinse is the simple, but lackluster, solution that many opt for out of ease. But the clean you get when a team of professionals detail your car by hand for hours is unlike anything else.

The personalized service of auto detailing means your car gets cleaned specifically to meet the needs of your vehicle. Every nook and cranny that evades the spinning rags at the drive-thru are no match for a pressure cleaning and hand wash with the highest quality professional cleaning products.

The exterior will look brand new. Auto detail services can also be important for a car's safety. The natural build-up of contaminants can be harmful to the surface of your car. And the oxidation of headlights can make them dimmer which will make it harder to see at night. A headlight restoration service is one of many things that can be done to improve your car’s appearance and functionality.

Let’s not forget the interior. A standard car wash will only tackle the outside. The place you sit in everyday gets neglected and can be its own kind of dirty. The inside of a car was described as “a breeding ground for bugs and dangerous bacteria” in a study that The Guardian reported on. With professional detail services the carpets and upholstery all get expertly washed to rid the car of any foul odors or dirt. All surfaces are also treated to breathe new life into the car's interior.

Cars get dirty fast. It’s recommended that you wash your car every two weeks to keep up with the dirt, but who has time for that? The constant car cleaning can get tiresome. Fortunately the superior results of auto detail services last longer than a standard wash. Detailing services will finish your car off with a hand-waxing that keeps your car looking cleaner for longer.

If you want your car to look stunning every day, professional detail services will make your car the envy of your friends.

Long-Lasting Protection

Cars may keep us safe while we drive, but they are vulnerable to the harsh conditions surrounding them. The rain, dirt, and sunlight all pose different threats that cars have to be protected against.

The sun may make your car sparkle from just the right angle, but it also destroys your car’s paint. The UV rays beating down on the surface can cause the paint to oxidize which will leave your car looking faded and even more vulnerable to damage like rust. The car waxing services mentioned earlier that keeps your car clean is also the best defense against damaging UV rays. Wax also protects the car from the harmful effects of acid rain and contaminants that can build-up.

Even the plastic trim and bumpers on your car aren’t built to last. Just like the paint layer, plastic can oxidize and fade. When professionals detail your car they treat and seal all plastic surfaces with protectants to revive the look and keep it protected.

The cleaning process itself is important for protecting against the harms of the dirt that sits in your car or doesn't get cleaned out by the drive-thru wash. Not only can the growth of bacteria lead to mold and mildew that can damage your car, but exposure isn’t safe for people.

Cars are deceptively vulnerable, and the environment is sneakily harmful. To keep your car safe from possible damage that will need costly repairs, use auto detailing services for the best preventative measures.

Car after professional interior car cleaning

A Drive-Thru Car Wash Can’t Beat Auto Detail Services

The ease of driving through a quick car wash is not worth all that it means you have to sacrifice.

Auto detailing excels in both protecting your car and making it look photoshoot worthy. When professionals hand clean the entirety of your car they can pay attention to every detail. No spot of filth goes unnoticed by a team trained to get your car in prime condition.

Nothing can compete with the clean and protection that detaining can offer. Even cars right off the lot can benefit from a detailing service for the protective benefits.

Whether your car is looking rough or you want to treat yourself to that new car smell, a professional auto detailing service will go beyond any car wash you’ve had before.

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