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We Can Sanitize and Disinfect your Vehicle!

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, you don't want to overlook deep cleaning your car. Whether you plan on hiring an interior specialist such as Cali Car Co Mobile or want to take on the project yourself (as you may already have the cleaning supplies on hand), it is crucial to safely keep and clean your car.

You will want to start with the most frequently touched areas first such as the steering wheel, door handles, feer shift, turn signals, controls on your radio, the seats, and any other areas. When you go to clean your vehicle, you will need to clean thoroughly and allow the cleaner to work its magic for a few seconds (similar to washing your hands for 20 seconds).

The steering wheel may contain the most contaminants, so be sure to clean the wheel multiple times or spend extra time on it! Ask your interior car cleaning specialist such as Cali Car Co Mobile if there are any cleaning product recommendations. If you choose to use your own cleaners, be sure to avoid using bleach, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide products. Instead, be sure to keep a mask in your car, disinfectant wipes, or hand sanitizer on deck.

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