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The 3 Most Common Types of Car Damage

Despite the fact that cars are designed and built to best protect us from weather conditions and possible injury, cars themselves are quite vulnerable to all these situations.

Vehicles fresh off the lot may look shiny and new to start, they can quickly fade and deteriorate if not properly protected and maintained. Parked or driving, cars still face harsh conditions all day long with no reprieve. Even if you park in a covered spot, any built-up contaminants will still continue damaging the car.

The most essential step in keeping your car looking new, and avoiding potentially expensive damage, is to have professional detail services deep-clean and protect it. There are several types of damage that auto detail services can help prevent, but these are the three most common:

Process of car paint correction service

1.) Oxidation

Although the sun may make your car look stunning when the light hits it just right, it can also be one of the leading causes of damage to your car. The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause extensive damage to your car’s interior and exterior by oxidizing surfaces.

When your car’s paint layer is exposed to UV rays at length, the paint oxidizes. When this happens the pigment breaks down resulting in dull and faded paint. In more extreme cases the paint can flake off.

As for the interior, plastic surfaces are also susceptible to UV rays. Similar to what oxidation does to paint, the affected plastics will fade and wear. This goes for all plastics exposed to the sunlight. If your car has any plastic bumpers or trim, these can become dull and lose the rich black color.

The most effective way to deal with oxidation is by having professional detail services clean and treat your car. When expert detailers are confronted with oxidation, they are able to handle it based on years of experience. When it comes to paint, they buff and polish the car’s surface to remove any faded paint or clear coat and protect it from future harm with a hand waxing. The plastic surfaces require a different type of treatment that revives the faded color and provides UV protection moving forward.

2.) Acid Rain

Rain is a deceptively harmful environmental factor when it comes to the surface of your car. Even though it may seem like a free car wash when it’s pouring rain, the unfortunate truth is that rain can carry contaminants.

Acid rain is the result of pollution and emissions mixing with rain clouds in the atmosphere. This means when it looks like your car is getting a quick rinse from the dirt of the day, it’s actually being hammered with pollutants that can negatively impact your car's surface.

When the rain stops and the sun comes out, the water will evaporate off the surface of your car but the acidic contamination remains. These acids when left untreated will eat away at the outer layers of the car’s surface, making it vulnerable to even worse damage.

To remedy this issue, auto detail services will thoroughly wash your car with high quality products. Following a detailed clean they will clay the surface, which removes any harmful contaminants that washing doesn’t remove. And to finish they hand wax the surface to preserve the clean look and offer a layer of protection.

3.) Scratches

At one time or another, your car has been scratched. Whether it’s the result of a parking mishap or a falling branch, they happen all the time. These minor imperfections most commonly are just abrasions to the surface layer of the car and can be fixed by experts.

Scratches are extremely common but they require the skilled hand of professionals to fix. While it may seem like the kind of thing you want to try and DIY your way out of, you can actually do more harm than good.

To understand the delicate work of scratch repair services you need to understand auto body paint. The car’s surface consists of three paint layers. These layers are all measured in microns, one micron being 1/1000th of a millimeter.

On top of the metal body of the car is the primer layer of paint, next is the base paint layer, and last is the clear coat. The primer and base paint coats go up to 38 microns, whereas the clear coat starts at 38 and goes up to 102 microns on average.

Attempting to remedy a scratch on your own can result in even more damage. If a scratch is deep enough to require sanding, only professionals should handle it. Because the layers are so thin, improper technique can take you down to the metal layer and require paint correction.

For the best scratch repair services, hire professionals from your local auto detailing company to remove the surface imperfections and revive the shiny smooth surface.

Result of headlight restoration service

Utilize Auto Detail Services to Undo and Prevent Damage

Your daily drive to work may seem low-risk when considering damage to your car. However, some of the most simple things in life like sunshine and rainfall can be detrimental to your car.

These three common forms of car damage are only a handful of the situations and conditions your car may face. The most effective way to undo the damage already done, and to prevent any further degradation is to get in contact with professional detail services to give your car an expert deep-clean and protection treatment.

If you want to give your car the best possible protection, discuss ceramic coating services with your detailer. This service is the industry-leading protective treatment that gives your car a glass-like finish and durable protection that lasts for years.

Regardless of if you want to go all out for the ceramic coating when protecting your car, having it professionally detailed is the standard of care that your car requires to look incredible and stay protected against contamination, deterioration, and damage.

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