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How To Choose the Best Detailing Service Company

We’re here to bring you the top 3 tips in determining a reliable and professional car detailing company. There’s a lot more than ensuring your car is clean and flawless. Get ready to buckle down and have a look at what truly makes a car detailing company one of the best in town.

  • Five-Star Reviews

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Are They Certified

Five-Star Reviews

Although this may seem like an obvious tip, looking for positive reviews will truly assure and confirm that the car detailing business is legitimate and successful. Have a look at their Google map listing, also known as their Google My Business listing. The top 5 recent reviews should determine the type of experience you’ll have.

Communicating Effectively

The next time you phone or visit an auto detailing service, pay close attention to how well they listen and communicate with you. When you’re done speaking with an auto detailer, there should be a sense of assurance, professionalism, and support. If you’re left feeling confused, ignored, or they were being short with you, that is an indication they are only after money or other motives.

Are They Certified?

Ceramic coating and other professional grade coatings are “complex and saturated” according to Ceramic Pro. There are some companies that sprinkle some ceramic ingredients in a polymer-based liquid that are sprayed onto the surface – and others like Ceramic Pro that are the upper echelon of the automotive coating world. If you’re going to work with a professional detailer, and are looking to truly protect your vehicle, you want to find a detailing service near you that is certified or accredited by a company like Ceramic Pro.

Contact Cali Car Co Mobile

Hire a mobile detailing expert such as Cali Car Co Mobile to get your vehicle looking brand new. We can not only fix minor imperfections, but we can also protect and enhance the paint on your car. Give us a call, and we’ll be able to help. Simply fill out a form or give us a call at (925) 549 - 4555, and we can have your car back as new!


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