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How Do We Super Detail Your Vehicle?

If you are in need of interior detailing services that will have your car SUPER clean, continue reading. Cali Car Co Mobile offers a variety of interior detailing services, one of which provides super detailing. This service is for interior cars that have hard to get rid of stains, dirt, grime, pet hair, you name it!

What's Included In Our Super Detail?

Cali Car Co Mobile offers a complete wipe down of surfaces, vacuuming of the entire interior and trunk, and applying UV protector to all hard surfaces. Additionally, we will double shampoo your interior carpets, trunk, and floor mats to get rid of all dirt, debris, and stains. We also clean vents, interior windows, clean door jambs, interior compartments. Last but not least, our super detailing services include a double deep clean and conditioning of leather seats or alternatively deep cleaning and shampoo cloth seats.

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