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Do I Need To Protect or Coat My Wheels and Rims?

When you truly think about it, your wheels are subject to plenty of wear and tear over time. Exposed to tar and dirt, your wheels will begin to damage from brake dust as well. Fortunately, there are methods of protecting your wheels! Through Ceramic Wheel Coatings.

According to, things like loose rocks and gravel, puddles on the road, and brake dust are all hazards that can tarnish the look of your painted wheels. Ceramic wheel coatings make the surface of your wheel smooth and prevent contaminants from staying on long enough to damage the paint. In addition, the hydrophobic nature of ceramic wheel coatings will ensure that water simply beads up and rolls off making it easier to keep your wheels clean.”

How Can Cali Car Co Mobile Help?

We can provide a professional eye knowing exactly how to perfect your vehicle with ceramic coating expertise. Get in touch with Cali Car Co Mobile, and we can guide you each step of the way with the knowledge and experience we have. Simply fill out a form or give us a call at (925) 549 - 4555, and we can have your car back as new!

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