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Headlights Even a Deer Can't Miss

When was the last time you had your car headlight restored?  With darker nights on the horizon, having a clean and reliable headlight to guide you through the night time driving is even more important!  

Wondering why you would want to get a car headlight restoration?  Like normal wear and tear of a vehicle, your headlight also goes through a process that affects the clarity of your light.  The oxidized plastic refracts and disperses sunlight that is passing in the cover of the headlight lenses.  That oxidized, yellow, hazy headlight gives poor illumination for the driver and is difficult for others to see and will reduce the amount of light illuminating the road by up to 75%.  

Headlights are engineered to give you the sight of potential hazards on the road.  Think about it, you would clean your glasses lens if there was a smudge on them because you aren’t able to see through the smudge.  Why wouldn’t you clean your headlights so your vehicle lights can shine through more clearly and give you the ability to see the road better?  

When it comes to the best tools and techniques, having a professional service your headlight restoration makes all the difference.  Many people try the DIY route without realizing they are damaging the surface of their car lens.  Using certain chemical methods can turn your headlight surface into a soft piece of molten plastic.  This will attract even more particles and impurities and cause the finish to look dull within days.  Professional restoration products and methods polish the plastic with tools that are designed to bring the lenses back to a glass-like finish.  Rest assured the uncertainty of damaging your headlights in the restoration process can be avoided by calling Cali Car Co Mobile!

Are you still questioning if it’s time to say goodbye to taking your headlight for granted and saying hello to a bright and brilliant shine?  Call to  book a mobile detailing service with Cali Car Co Mobile today! 

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