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Don't Forget the Headliner When Interior Cleaning

Do you miss that new car smell? Do you see a number of stains and pet hair on your back seats? It’s probably time to get an interior cleaning for your car. With the wildfires in California blazing, smoke seeps into the vehicles through vents, and the scent lingers in the fabric of your vehicle. Getting the smell of smoke out is a daunting task that could just be left to the professionals.

Did you know the cushioning inside the roof of your car should be cleaned too? The headliner of a vehicle often gets neglected when it comes to any sort of cleaning or maintenance. Because it does not affect the functionality or performance of your car, most people don’t take the time to clean it.

The headliner of your car protects the roof from inside the vehicle. When it’s not well maintained and cleaned, the headliner upholstery starts to come apart, tear and loosen. It is essential to have a professional inside car cleaning to prevent contaminants from getting into your car and damaging your interior. Normal wear and tear of a vehicle happen over time. However, it’s good to remember that precaution is better than a cure.

When you need a platinum and interior service where the interior and trunk get vacuumed, the hard surfaces get whipped down and deep cleaned, the carpets, mats, and seats get shampooed, the headliner gets spot cleaned, and the vents, the door jambs, the interior compartments, and the interior windows get cleaned. Save yourself the hassle and let Cali Car Co Mobile do it for you!

Call Cali Car Co Mobile to book a mobile detailing today! Schedule platinum and interior services where we vacuum the interior and trunk, wipe down and deep clean the hard surfaces, shampoo the carpets, mats, and seats, spot clean the headliner, clean vents, door jambs, interior compartments, and interior windows. Save yourself the hassle and let us do it for you!

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