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Get Your Car Ready For Summer With a Professional Detailing

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Summer is coming up fast, and with it, the sun shines a spotlight on all the dirt and grime covering your car and sending down damaging UV rays that will impact your car’s look. If your car is looking worse for wear, make sure to give it the best mobile detailing treatment it deserves so you can enjoy the sun this Summer.

Why You Need To Get Your Car Detailed

If your car isn’t properly cleaned it can result in damage that in the long run will cost more to fix than a car cleaning service.

Over time contaminants build up on the surface and in the crevices of your car. The rain doesn't clean it off, it just provides a wet environment for mold and mildew to grow. Common contaminants like bird droppings and dust can be acidic which is corrosive to your car’s paint job. A drive-thru car wash may get rid of the obvious issues, but can leave behind corrosive substances that only a detailing service can clean off.

Endless hours of driving leave the car’s interior dirty and odorous beyond the fix of any air freshener. All the surfaces inside may have a roof over them but are still susceptible to fading and damage from the sun unless adequately treated and protected. Beyond the surface, forgotten spills and dropped food can create the perfect environment for hazardous mold or mildew to flourish in. A detailing can expertly clean and protect the interior that gets neglected by a typical car wash.

This accumulation of filth is just as destructive to the car as it is unsightly. Make sure you can look forward to your summer vacation and have your car clean and protected by Cali Car Co Mobile for the journeys ahead.

How We Get The Exterior Looking Ready For Summer

A trained team of professionals will wash your car from top to bottom with the best cleaning products and hand dry it with microfiber towels to protect your paint from any unnecessary abrasion.

They will deep clean the wheels and tires to eliminate all the grease and dirt accumulated while you drive. They also appropriately dress them to give them the best look and protection following the wash.

They care about the details and thoroughly clean all door jambs and trunk seals to ensure that there’s no hidden grime. And for the best possible clean and protection, a professional detailer will clay prep every painted surface of the car to remove any contaminants that a wash can’t get off.

A high-quality hand waxing is performed to remove any minor scratches and protect the paint on your car. Last but certainly not least is dressing all the exterior plastics to revive the look and protect it from drying out due to the harmful UV rays hitting them on long summer days.

Prepare the Interior For Summer Road Trips

The car’s exterior is what the world sees, but the interior is what you and your close ones have to sit in at length, so don’t let it be neglected.

To start, detailers vacuum the entire interior to rid the car of any dry debris and contaminants before continuing. Experts will perform a double deep-cleaning shampoo on all carpets, mats, and cloth seats to ensure we extract more than just surface grime but the dirt causing odors that lie deep in the fibers.

Suppose your seats and any panels are leather. In that case those should receive a different type of deep cleaning specific to leather and then be conditioned to preserve its look and protect it for future use.

They make sure to clean all the areas that get forgotten but can make a massive difference, including: the headliner (which needs to be delicately spot treated), the seatbelts, the door jambs, and the interior compartments where people try to hide all the clutter.

After an interior cleaning of the windows and interior surfaces, the plastics receive a UV protectant to make sure all surfaces look their best and stay that way. This type of professional mobile detailing can take four hours depending on the condition of the car.

Contact Cali Car Co Mobile for the Best Mobile Detailing

Hire a mobile detailing expert such as Cali Car Co Mobile to get your vehicle looking brand new. We can not only fix minor imperfections, but we can also protect and enhance the paint on your car. Give us a call, and we’ll be able to help. Fill out a form or give us a call at (925) 549 - 4555, and we can have your car looking like new!

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